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joomla hosting for you and all community

You want starting a new Joomla site or looking for a better hosting for your existing one? don't look no further! Our plans include all Joomla features and Joomla support, starting at just $3.90/mo.…

Starting from:
$ 12 /month
.Info and more..
Joomla Hosting
Starting from:
$3.90 /month
One Website
30GB Web Space
Data Transfer Unmetered
10 Mailboxes
Virtual Server
Starting from:
$ 35 /month
RAM 4 Go
100 Stockage SSD
data transfer

Joomla hosting designed for superior speed and superior experience

Instant setup, no messing around, amazing features and great performance is just around the corner...

Joomla hosting pack startups
30 GB Space
1  One Website
Unmetered Traffic
$ 3.90/Mo Order now
BusinessThe most popular Joomla Pack
Joomla hosting pack Business
60 GB Space
 One Website
Unmetered Traffic
$ 5.90/Mo Order now
CompanyFor fanatics Joomla Pack
Joomla hosting pack Company
120 GB Space
1 One Website
Unmetered Traffic
$ 11.90/Mo Order now
AgencyJoomla Pack
Joomla hosting pack Agency
300 GB Space
1 One Website
Unmetered Traffic
$ 23.90/Mo Order now

Joomla Hosting Include

Faster loading websites

New server technologies like PHP 7.1, PageSpeed, joomla hosting, FastCGI make your website pages load up to 6x faster.

A better backup plan

Now you can manage CloudFlare with Railgun—a free service that makes your sites faster and more secure—from right inside the AccountCenter.

More Features

Creating a new Joomla website?

  • 1 Login to Joomla Hosting
  • 2 1-Click Installation
  • 3 Publish to your web hosting account

Move your Joomla Hosting web sites

Moving service is managed Joomla Hosting by our in-house Tech engineers.Instead of some mysterious automated process, we use real, live, certified Joomla experts who will care for your website as if it were their own.

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